Story Concepts

Here’s what I have so far:

When the group arrives in Highcliff, a women at the market place will approach them, recognizing Sa’Sani’s ring (if they have it with them). She’ll then introduce herself as an employe of Sa’Sani, sent out to Highcliff to find out more about some unusual occurances that are taking place there. She’ll then tell the player that the new administrator of Highcliff, just-promoted to one of the Neverwinter Nine and commisioned by Lord Nasher himself to watch over the rebuilding of the village, has refused all offers of the trading cartels to set up a trading post, explaining that he already had a lucrative running contract with a third party that deosn’t want that. The player is then ordered to investigate on the case, but the following conversation with the administrator doesn’t bear fruits. The player’s new contact in Highcliff then suggests that he should proceed with Sa’Sani order to become member of one of the trading cartels so he could gather some inside information. When the player cleared the situation in Port Llast, a messanger is sent by his trading cartel to inform him that his help would be appreciated in Highcliff (note: this is an optional quest and is not required to proceed with the SoZ main quest). There, he’ll be introduced to a representive of his chosen organization who tells him everything he knows and then …

- well, here’s where the plot needs further development. The representive might issue the player to investigate a certain place because something odd happened there, and this leads him to B, C and so on. I’ll cut this section short now and continue with the story where it ties in again. -

Turns out it was all a dark sheme of Zehir cultists to size control over Highcliff. At some point for some reason yet undeterminated the administrator has vanquished to see his tradings partners and have a word with them, and the player is off to the cult headquaters located in a burried ruin to rescue him from what can’t be described anything else but a suicide attempt. After a heavy combat section they find the administrator talking with the head of the “organization”, believing it was all just a big misunderstanding and not realizing he stepped into a snake’s nest. See, he was so very nervous about disappointing Lord Nasher when he was ordered as a administratot to Highcliff, beeing new to the Neverwinter Nine and all, that he wasn’t even the least bit suspiscious when a mysterious trading network contacted him and offered him a very profitable contract, only to have to in return keep the competition away from Highcliff, provide an operation basis and not ask any annoying questions. All the money was spent towards rebuilding Highcliff and making it prosper, even in times of economic crisis, which attracted more then just wee bit of suspicion from the outside. In the end, he’s so lured in by the charismatic (sadly two-forked tounged, in both meanings) leader of the cult that he basically did anything he asked him for, and didn’t see the obvious. After some thoughful conversation the cult leader blows for the final attack, while his underling (who played a minor role until now in one of the side quests) escapes in with some of the followers through a side tunnel. After the battle, the administrator excuses for all his wrong-doing and leaves for reporting Lord Nasher, and in a backroom of the ruins, the groups finds staples of empty crates deposited there, hinting at what is still more to come (not sure what it is yet though).

That so far as the main story goes.

Story Concepts

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