Quest Concepts


Starts with arrival in Highcliff, really sets off after Port Llast questline


The Curious Mage Tower:

From one moment to another, a mysterious mage tower has magically appeared in some women’s herbs garden. Could be a gate to a magical sphere (possibly Imaskari?). Front door might be have been sealed by town’s magician.

The Calimshan Enterprise:

For weeks now a ship from Calimshan is sitting in the harbor of Highcliff. Why it didn’t steer for the larger harbors of Neverwinter or Port Llast is unclear, but the captain is paying the harbor charges reliably on the time and so no questions are asked, although he was never seen setting a foot from the boat. Maybe the drunken sailors in the tavern might can shed some light into this? Might be connected to the main quest. Could be a mean to transport the player to another place hint hint

Quest Concepts

(NWN2) SoZ Adventure Pack: Highcliff 052Hagen