Design Concepts

Low Exp/rewards:

SoZ AP:HC will offer relatively low experience and item rewards as to not screw up the balance of the campaign too much (imho the party advances too fast in SoZ anyway). I’ll try to hide this fact and make it not too obvious for the player, but generally speaken, it’s more about what you experience from the story, quests and challenges as opposed of the rewards ingame.

New content:

The entirety of this module will take place on the Sword Coast and Samarach (although no final word on that one), and no further overland map will be added to the game (I might revisit this idea in future projects if this one turns out succesfull). Currently, I’m planing to open the town of Highcliff for the player, as well as adding several new accessible locations and dungeons, new hostile and non-hostile encounters and up to 2 cohorts, new treasures, conversations ect. to the SoZ campaign.

Storyline and Quests:

Instead of progressing with the main story (again, I’ll keep this open for a potential future project dealing in the D&D epic levels), I decided to create a branching plotline for my module. Nothing is set in stone so far, but expect to deal with cults of Zehir and new trading cartel tasks (I hate the fact that they’re so underdeveloped in SoZ). Oh, and I’ll try to stay with the more light-hearted adventerous tune of SoZ, so my storyline won’t take itself too serious either. For the quests, many of them will play in and around Highcliff (hence the name of my module), and I really do have quite a lot in the oven. Maybe I’ll cohort-related quests for some of them to flesh them a bit more out, but I’m yet undecided. For further details, visit the quest section.

Enabling Fast-Travel on the OM:

Another selling-point to my module – I’m planing to add an item that let’s you fast-travel on the OM to cut uneccessary backtracking short.

Design Concepts

(NWN2) SoZ Adventure Pack: Highcliff 052Hagen